Insurance Claims

Pernot accepts all automotive insurance claims, working for you and with the responsible insurance company to repair your vehicle to pre-accident condition. 

YOU, the vehicle owner, are the only one that can authorize repairs to your vehicle.  Pernot Collision does not partner with insurance companies, meaning we do not participate in many of the repair networks initialized by the insurance companies, mainly because of the concessions or stipulations in the contracts which generally lead to the quality of your vehicle repair.  Pernot has a great relationship with all insurance companies.  We will handle any paperwork, digital images, computerized transmission, and negotiations with the insurance company on your behalf.  We will take the time to explain the repair process and the details of the repair to your vehicle.

WE believe we have a responsibility to the vehicle owner, who is ultimately our customer; YOU have the freedom of choice when selecting a repair facility, regardless of the responsible insurance company. 

Wisconsin Insurance Commission ( Coming Soon)

Steps to Get You Back on the Road

  1. It all starts with a Free Computerized Estimate including all labor and parts. You may bring your vehicle at your convenience during our schedule hours or arrange an estimate after hours.  If your vehicle is a non-drive you may have it towed directly to our location.  Mobile estimates can also be arranged. We will assess the damage and document it using digital photography.  We will explain the details of the repair to your vehicle.
  2. If you are using an insurance company, we will assist you in making a claim. Once the insurance company is informed a Claim Number will be issued; all paperwork and negotiations are processed through this claim number.  If you prefer to call insurance company prior to Pernot writing an estimate, all you need to do is bring the claim number with you.  We will work with all insurance companies on your behalf.
  3. A time will be scheduled for your repair, arrange for transportation, you will sign an authorization form for repair.
  4. We will acquire all the parts needed for your repair. Your vehicle may need a tear down to detect additional parts needed to complete the job. We will consult with you and the insurance company regarding any supplemental work or parts.
  5. Pernot will repair the damage to the vehicle to pre-accident condition.
  6. Upon completion your vehicle will be inspected and cleaned for delivery. You will be notified of completion and pick up time established.
  7. When you pick up your vehicle, we will explain the paperwork/bill and ensure you are satisfied with the work performed by Pernot Inc.


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